Coelom Acoelomate and Coelomate


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What is Coelome ?

  • Coelom is a Greek word which means a hollow cavity. This cavity is present  between alimentary canal and body wall and this coelom is internally lined by mesoderm.

Primitive diplo-blastic and triplo-blastic animals have only one body cavity called digestive tractAnd this digestive tract has restricted the body for all type of the physiological functions.

But during the evolution all the animals able to developed the extra cavity in their body that is called coelom.

Classification of the animals on the basis of the coelom

Acoelomates ( Coelom is absent in the animals)

Flatworm Body Plans. Exhibit bilateral symmetry, acoelomate, and are triploblastic. Parenchyma tissue. Phylum Platyhelminthes.



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Q Draw a labeled diagram of the Acoelome  internal structure ?

Pseudocoelomates( false coelom)

Eucoelomates ( true coelom)




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