Syllabus of Botany for Indian Forest Service Mains (IFoS)

Paper – I

1. Microbiology and Plant Pathology: Viruses,
bacteria, and plasmids-structure and reproduction.
A general account of infection, Phytoimmunology.
Applications of microbiology in agriculture,
industry, medicine and pollution control in air,
soil and water. Important plant diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and nematodes. Mode of infection and dissemination.
Molecular basis of infection and disease resistance/defence. Physiology of parasitism and
control measures. Fungal toxins.

Best book for :- Microbiology & Plant Pathology

Book by P.D. Sharma

2. Cryptogams: Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes-structure and reproduction from
evolutionary viewpoint. Distribution of
Cryptogams in India and they are economic
Best book for:- Textbook of Botany by Dk Jain,
V Singh & Pc Pandey

3. Phanerogams: Gymnosperms: Concept of
Progymonosperms. Classification and distribution of Gymnosperms. Salient features of Cycadales,
Coniferrals and Gnetales, their structures and reproduction. A general account of Cycadofilicales,
Bennettitales and Cordaitales.
Best book for :- Botany for Degree Gymnosperm
by Vashishta P.C. (Author)

Angiosperms: Systematics, anatomy, embryology,
palynology and phylogeny. Comparative account
of various systems of Angiosperm Classiification.
Study of angiospermic families–Magnoliaceae,
Ranunculaceae, Brassicaceae (Cruci-ferae),
Rosaceae, Leguminosae, Euphorbiaceae,
Malvaceaie, Dipterocar-paceae, Apiaceae
(Umbelliferae), Asclepiadaceae, Verbenaceae,
Solana-ceae, Rubiaceae, Cucurbitaceae,
Asteraceae (Composite), Poaceae (Gramineae),
Arecaceae (Palmae), Liliaceae, Musaceae,
Orchidaceae. Stomata and their types. Anomalous
secondary growth, Anatomy of C 3 and C 4
plants. Development of male and female
gametophytes, pollination, fertilization.
Endosperm–its development and function.
Patterns of embryo development. Polyembryony,
apoxmix, Applications of palynology.
Best book for:- A Textbook of Botany:
Angiosperms by Pandey B.P. (Author)

4. Plant Utility and Exploitation: Origin of
cultivated plants, Vavilov’s centres of origin.
Plants as sources for food, fodder, fibres, spices,
beverages, drugs, narcotics, insecticides, timber,
gums, resins and dyes. Latex, cellulose Starch
and their products. Perfumery. Importance of
Ethnobotany in Indian context. Energy plantation.
Botanical Gardens and Herbaria.
Best book for:- Ecology and Utility of Plants by P
S Chandel & R S Shukla

5. Morphogenesis: Totipotency, polarity,
symmetry and differentiation. Cell, tissue, organ
and protoplast culture. Somatic hybrids and
Plant Anatomy by S.Chand Publication